Hercus now charged with manufacturing Durden woodworking machinery and meeting Quality Assurance requirements moved its staff and plant to Regency Park, a mammoth move. The free flowing factory layout enable manufacturing and general engineering to work side by side.  

This period saw the introduction of the Hercus PC based CNC Lathes  and Vertical Machining Centres and the Durden Top Turn range of Wood Lathes marketed throughout Australia.   The USA market was restored and Hercus and Durden products rebadged as Rockford and Delta Top Turn.

To expand it's range, Hercus imported a range of metal and woodworking machinery that were enhanced and changed to meet Australian requirements.  

The year 2000 all government protection for Australian Industry was removed and over the next 3 years competition from overseas companies was extreme.  Hercus needed to change direction and cease manufacturing machine tools.  This involved downsizing, selling of plant, buying of new CNC machinery that was of capacity to handle large mining projects and a complete re-organisation of the factory layout.

By 2010, Hercus was making its presence felt in the services offered to support the mining and steel making industries.  Hercus aquired a company with arrange of CNC machines and large Gear generating machinery to boost its capabilities to supply large transmission drives.

Further plant aquisitions in 2018/19, included overhead cranes, large CNC 4 axis Lathes and Machining Centres,  boosted Hercus services to a new level.  

In May 2020 Hercus reached a milestone, 100 years in the metal industry only to experience the ongoing Corona Virus and its limitations to industry.  Fortunately Hercus is classed as an essential industry and thanks to employee co-operation was able to maintain its services.

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