Hercus Industrial Transmission Equipment

Hercus are General and Production Engineers manufacturing and importing a range  of Industrial Transmission Products. These products and services are then supplied throughout Australia under the HERCUS brand.  Download the latest Engineering Cataloge now.

Recent products added to the Hercus range include the KV70 Input Stop for controlled opening and closing of Gate Valves, Stainless Steel Keysteel to the Herkey range and a new supply of Handwheels and Grips ranging from 80mm to 500mm in diameter.
Hercus provide an "Of the Shelf" service or can manufacture to your specifications.

Download the latest Engineering Cataloge now.  ( September 2008 )

Couplings and Clutches

  HRC Couplings                                 Data Sheet

  Chain Couplings                               Data Sheet


  Splined Clutches                               Data Sheet

  Torque  Limiters                               Data Sheet

  Torque Limiter Couplings                   Data Sheet

Gears and Racks

  Gear Racks - Steel                            Data Sheet

  Spur Gears - Steel                            Data Sheet

  Bevel Gears - Steel                           Data Sheet

  Mitre Gears - Steel                            Data Sheet

                                     Assembly of Bevel Gears


  KeySteel - Metric and Imperial Sizes                 

   - Stainlees Steel also available                         
                                                        Data Sheet



         Handwheels and Grips                         Data Sheet

GearBoxes and Screw Jacks

  Worm Screw Jacks                               Data Sheet