Fitting / Assembly

Hercus have a well equipped Assembly Section, with internal handling capacities up to 6 tonne.

We have experienced personnel who can handle a range of assembly work.

Some examples of this process include...

Hercus 260 Lathe refurbishment.
1. The lathe is dis-assembled, inspected, revised quote to customer if required.
2. Parts sent to machine shop for remanufactured
3. All parts cleaned and inspected, new items supplied where required ( as per quote)
4. Components repainted
5. Lathe assembled to Hercus specifications, and lathe run under power.
6. Final paint and ready for despatch.


Customer Gear Box
1. Gearbox is dis-assembled, cleaned and inspected.
2. Quotation raised and customer advised.
3. New parts manufactured as required, other parts remanufactured.
4. Gearbox re-assembly with qulaity Bearing and Seals.
5. Gearbox run under power ( no load - oil drained afterwards)
6. Gearbox painted as per customer spec and then ready for despatch.


 Hercus's Assembly Dept. Capacities

Overhead Crane - 6 Tonne
Wheel Press - 300 Tonne
Vertical Press - 100 Tonne
Portable Pressing up to 300 Tonne
Spray Booth - 3000mm wide


Please Contact a "Hercus Representative" for further details