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Hercus provide the complete engineering and transmission package. Combined with our workshop services, Hercus also have access to a large network of sub-contractors allowing us to manage your complete project.

For over 90 years Hercus have built a reputation based on quality and on-time delivery at a competitive price.    

Industries Hercus offer key services to include the mining, manufacturing, agriculture, food production, aquaculture and power generation. Whether working together with a major company on a planned shutdown, or supplying a stock part, Hercus are there to support your needs.

Hercus work within Quality and Safety Systems as a method of continuous improvement, this resulting in minimal non-conformance and meeting or exceeding customer expectations.  Hercus, irrespective of customer requirements, applies certain basic procedures to ensure uniform work methods to a pre-determined standard.

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Hercus Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale


If you require further details about Hercus Products and Services, please contact us by one of the methods listed below:

e-mail:    Sales Dept.
Phone:    (61-8) 83465522                                          
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